Creative studio UnderWonder Content welcomes Lucas Vignale to its community of passionate artists. 

Vignale has directed hypnotic music videos for J Balvin, Nathy Peluso, Nicki Nicole, Cieloazul, Duki, and Trueno.

Vignale is a natural-born filmmaker whose otherworldly visions are inspired by Argentina’s unique cultural landscapes. His creative journey began in Buenos Aires. As a child obsessed with cinema, he spent his youth shooting countless films starring his friends, pulling together what little resources they could manage in the streets of Buenos Aires. This ingenuity and innate passion, along with a distinctive stylistic voice, guided Vignale toward a film career where he has become one of the top music video directors in South America and is making the leap to the American ad market.

Drawn to character, Vignale is known for award-winning music videos that capture artists' souls, captivating audiences with images that display depth and dynamism. His films often place artists in surreal yet tangible worlds where dreams and reality meet in the middle with magnetic results. Vignale's recent work leans into the otherworldly - transporting Nicki Nicole to a futuristic realm where she reclaims her heart in "Frio," and capturing the rawness of life on Argentina's streets in Trueno's music video paying homage to his homeland. 

"The love of cinema poisons me," says Vignale, "and with the team at UnderWonder Content, I'm enthusiastic about the future. I look forward to creating spontaneous content mixing surrealism with a vanguard aesthetic."  

"Lucas' undeniable passion is present in every one of his frames," says Frank Borin, co-founder and executive producer at UnderWonder. "His inimitable music videos are nothing short of visionary, oozing with surreal characters and original point of views on the world we’ve never seen.  We look forward to helping bring his spectacular talents to the commercial space." 

UnderWonder has built its reputation on nurturing young, up-and-coming talents and garnered success through an intense passion for music videos that’s led to major ad work. Their talented roster includes Ivanna Borin, iconic photographer Thom Kerr, Troy Roscoe, and the first woman to win Best Director Award at the UKMVAs and best director at the MTV VMAs, Tanu Muino.