EA Sports – Triangles ft. Dave

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EA Sports association with FIFA has been around since videogame controllers only had three buttons and gave you carpal tunnel syndrome in an afternoon, so the news that the governing body was parting ways with the videogame franchise was something of a shock.

Tasked with reimagining the series with a new brand vision, identity and logo, Uncommon Creative Studio has gone back to the basics of footballing tactics and made use of a simple shape that defines control both in-game and... er... in the game - Triangles.

As explained in a cracking launch film featuring British rapper Dave, EA Sports FC's new look and name aims to go beyond a simple design tweak; the impetus being to mirror the franchise's impact on culture with a greater presence in 'real world' fandom.

“Football comes in many colours, but only very few shapes," explains David Jackson, VP Brand, EA SPORTS FC. "Through set pieces, formation design and elegant possession patterns, the language of the beautiful game is often communicated in triangles. 

"The shape has also been deeply embedded in EA SPORTS football games for decades; from the isometric angles of our very first 8-bit experiences to the iconic player control indicator that appears above every athlete in every match — triangles play an essential role in the building blocks of EA SPORTS football experiences. 

"We’re energised to bring this core symbol of football’s foundations to life through EA SPORTS FC.”

“Clients tend to approach the studio in a moment of change," adds Nils Leonard, co-founder at Uncommon. "The task of partnering with EA Sports to brand not only one of the most iconic games ever to exist, but also arguably the biggest football club in the world was irresistible. 

"Without knowing it, the new logo had been in our hands for almost 30 years. Above the heads of our heroes. Between passes and the feet of legends celebrated the world over. 

"Discovering the FC marque within the triangle so fundamental to the beautiful game was thrilling. To anyone that’s ever kicked a ball, with their foot or their thumb, we hope this does the beautiful game justice.”